The power of the government to take private property for a public use is referred to as Eminent Domain, or sometimes as Condemnation. The Constitution requires that when the government exercises this power, it must also fairly compensate the property owners affected by the taking.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens without adequate legal representation. In many cases, the authorities will deliberately low-ball the value of your property and force you to make a claim for more, hoping that you will go away.

As leading advocates and authorities in real estate valuation law, the Wilkes Law Group takes on both the New York State and United States government, as well as other condemning authorities, to recover property owners’ claims for losses and additional compensation when their property is taken.

We are there for owners as well when a government taking of another property or a regulatory action may adversely impact the value of their own property.

We only charge a legal fee when we reach a successful outcome, and in some cases legal fees may be awarded in whole or in part.